Bad Ice Cream 3

The game Bad Ice Cream 3 offers you a great journey into the inhospitable world of Arctic in the middle of desert mazes where you have to hold fights with various enemies from a polar universe.

The enemies attack the most valuable things you have during the journey so collect healthy fruit and control the gaming territory with the mega ability to create or destroy the cubes. Start playing as vanilla ,strawberry, chocolate, sorbet, mint choc-chip, bubble gum, smokey bacon or licorice ice -cream, move to the next step ,click go and here we are. The main objective of the game is very simple just break the ice blocks, pick fruit and do not collide with the enemy! Any ice cream will be tastier if you add to it at least a bit of fresh fruit. As you see, popular game Bad Ice Cream 3 with the beloved main character takes place in the desert mazes where evil enemies eat ice cream so you have to be quick enough to freeze them. As our bad hero found himself surrounded by monsters he decided to eliminate them with cold and frost while seeking for yummy food. And here is our hero – brave wafer cone who went to the journey full of dangers. Become more attractive with fruit and get highest scores. Collect all fruits and berries no matter who is on guard. For this, you should have even some fighting techniques to break hard ice walls and sometimes build them in order to defend yourself. With the help of space bar or Q button, you are given the abilities of creation and demolition of an ice block. Creating ice block will help you not to get caught by hideous monsters. In each level, try to collect all the fruits that will appear and do it as quickly as possible as time is limited. Use martial arts techniques at all barriers that do not let you get desired fruit. The game has very simple rules and it is not extremely complicated. Anyway, collecting all the fruit in the allotted time becomes harder and more interesting in the next levels. According to the opinions of reviewers and devoted players, it is simplicity that attracts people to this dynamic game Bad Ice Cream 3 with incredible graphics. The third part of the game bad ice cream is played in the browser window immediately after opening without registering or downloads. Unlike other sites, Bad Ice Cream 3 is loaded on our website instantly without any delay. In the third and the most challenging sequel of the game you are able to play in two modes: alone in a single-player mode or with friends. So join us on a long and dangerous journey through the desert maze full of cactuses with the brave ice cream. Explore over ice cubes and ice cream, use unique abilities for defense, radiate cold and frost for enemies and collect all the visible fruit in order to complete the given level and continue playing.

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