Bricks Demolition

Bricks Demolition is an arcade game for Android phones. Game is developed by DAF. DAF is a team of two indie developers – David and Pablo. They are from Spain and are doing mobile games. Game was released in April 29, 2015 and is very popular in customers. Brick Demolition is a game which is similar to a Brick Breaker.  The game is quite large because there are 400 levels in the game.  It is easy to play and hard to master. This game requires huge attention during playing. You have to move a table and try not to fall the ball in space.

Bricks Demolition

There may be some unpleasant moment in game. For example, you may have to wait until ball touches the brick and it sometimes take time to break all of them. Sometimes you just have to wait until the ball finds the brick and it flies into space without touching anything. It mostly happens in the end of the level where there are a very little number of bricks remained. In this game you have to destroy all the bricks to pass phase. You also have a limited number of wildcards to skip levels that can not be able to complete.

Bricks Demolition Gameplay

 Object of the game is to destroy all the bricks, but you have limit of balls. Player will lose game if he or she loses three balls. They can continue playing if they lose one of thesethree, but if player loses all of them, they are not able to play the next level, so it is must to start playing from the beginning. To reach a new level you have to demolish all the bricks without losing a ball. After disappearing all the bricks, you can play the next one and so on. To win the game, it’s necessary to be patient and focused on ball’s moving. You have to catch the ball and don’t let it fall down in the space. Another priority of the game is, that it’s full of colors, so it’s more funny and pleasant to play. There are different shapes built from bricks. Some of them are like house, some are like cross, some like rainbow and so on. This means, that during playing, you are not concentrated only on balls and gifts. Different colors and shapes make you relax and game becomes comfortable o play. Also, game has bricks that can not be broken. They are in the end or in the beginning and make it harder to break other ones.

After each level it’s getting more and more hard. It’s good motivation to go on playing even till the 400th level. Another motivation is, that during game you have “gifts” – different kinds of bonuses, which helps you to break bricks more easily. After each level the shape of bricks changes. As you go through levels, the number of unbreakable bricks increases. Also there are some bricks that must be hit several times to break. For example, in 60th level, there are four raw of bricks that must be hit several times to break. It means, that developer created some interesting methods to make levels harder to win. It’s important that after each level the shape of the bricks is getting harder to touch the ball. The bricks are locates in such way that ball mainly meets unbreakable or hardly breakable brick. All this new things in each level makes you want play all the 400 levels.

Bricks Demolition Gifts

In this game you have different colors of gifts. Yellow one is a fire, which gives you a power to break several bricks together. The ball seems to be on fire, so it expresses that it has more power. The violet one gives you +1 000 points. The blue one makes your table larger, so you can catch the ball easily. The green gift gives you bullets, so you can break a huge amount of bricks instantly. Light green one makes a border, so the ball will not fall down in the space. Grey one gives you one extra ball, but if you lose one of these two balls, it does not mean that you lost one of your three ones. Blue in yellow gift gives you one extra ball for “life”, so you have four balls instead of three ones. Grey in yellow gives you two more extra balls to destroy bricks, but like grey one, if you lose these both of two balls, it does not mean, that you lost two of your three balls. These are extra balls to break bricks easily. These different extra powers help you complete levels and reach the next one.

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