Candy Frenzy


Candy Frenzy is a kind of flash game which was updated in January 28, 2016 offered by Appgo. It was created for Android and personal computers.Android 2.3 is needed to play the game via Android. Candy Frenzy has the installations approximately from ten to five hundred thousand. The game is rated 3+ and the current version of Candy Frenzy is 7.2.078.  Candy Frenzy is known for its incredible addictiveness. It seems too simple and plain game quite unemotional and not really interesting to play, however, after trying playing it, you become so addictive that it becomes almost impossible to give playing Candy Frenzy up  as it is not kind of a game that does not put you off. Playing Candy Frenzy is a really big pleasure to take your quality time or kill your time. Unlike some games, it is something that improves some of your skills, for example, it develops your quick reactions or visual memory as you need to guess fast the order of the candies. The game has extremely positive reviews 191,573 in total.

Candy Frenzy Gameplay

Candy Frenzy is a pleasant flash game to play as it is very colorful with exclusive background music.The main object of the game is to reach the highest scores by putting minimum three matches of the candies of the same colorin a row. Candy Frenzy has 100 levels and all the levels are locked from the beginning. So you have to start from the very first level. If the music is not relevant to your taste you have an opportunity to switch it off. However, it is rhythmic and after playing the game you are going to take to it. As it suits to the type of game that Candy Frenzy is.You also can just lower the voice if it disturbs you. Apart from the above-mentioned things, you are committed some missions from the scratch and you have to complete all of them to cover all the levels and to get the highest scores. First of all, you are required to get 3600 points or coins and to complete goals in 28 moves. Backplane is destroyed when the candies on top of it is eliminated. You have candies out of order and the different colors scattered on the board. As mentioned, if you like to cover the level, you have to put the same-colored candies consisting minimum three of them in a row. Considering the fact, you have different combinations of the candies matches and different combinations give the possibility to attain different scores.  The more difficult the combination is accomplished, the higher the scores are. The game starts out simple, however, the further you go, the more challenging and complex it becomes. Although, the game is flash, Candy Frenzy has beautiful graphic. Everything, such as: scores, the number of levels, the quantity of moves and the stars attained are shown above on the screen and it simplifies for you to be informed what you get while playing, getting scores and covering levels.The pleasure of the game is also the point of competition which you have. Apparently, you have a chance to compete with your friends by getting higher scores then they do. So you can have quite a good time in friend’s circle.

If you have made a certain kind of combination you also can remove the whole line of candies and get the highest scores. Moreover, you also can get higher scores by putting the relevant candies in the relevant places.

If you look through the games created by Appgo, you could see that the the vast majority of the games made by them are like Candy Frenzy or Candy Crush.

Candy Frenzy is a game resembling one of the most famous games of all time Candy Crush. Candy Crush is a game created by King on April 12, 2012 for Facebook. So it is a Facebook game and developed for android and ios in 2012-2014.

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