City Craft 3

Looking for some adventure and mind games? Well this game represents a huge plot twist that describes post apocalyptical planet earth, where everything is slaughtered in ruins, no over populated cities and infrastructural development. It tends that our precious planet has faced some hard times of existence. The most important and interesting part is the idea of survival mode, building your own shelter and facing monsters and creatures that have actually invaded our planet Earth.

City Craft 3

City Craft 3 Gameplay.

The Best part of this survival plot mode is “Mine craft” engine that gives you huge alternative of creating your own world. Collecting natural recourses like stone, wood and other crafting materials gives you better chances of surviving in an abandoned surrounding. Based on your own knowledge and better experience developing modern tools and crucial stuff give you much more opportunity to survive and take everything under your own control, because you never know what’s going to happen next and what kind of perspectives the plot brings to the story line.

The whole game brings you a perfect adventure that can be easily addicted to, time by time fighting various monsters, mutants and lot of creepy creatures, gives you more knowledge of inner world and perspectives of creating more new stuff for better protection. Hunting, building stuff and exploring limitless world will give you more strength to protect yourself and personal shelter to avoid dangerous monsters. The Plot gives you opportunity to visit three more alternative worlds with new adventure, different graphics, dangerous mutated creatures, and whole new possibilities of building way better tools and new awesome weapons for mass destruction.

The Best part of this game truly is the option of developing and building the new world that desired a huge blast. Construct buildings the way it suits your taste and meets the requirements of main character safety. The real fun begins when travelling and teleporting among alternative worlds, exploring new stuff and challenging new rivals.

*Monster World – Creepy and dangerous world with bloody sky and ash rains, burnt and destroyed, Bunch of new monsters and way harder to challenge mutants.

*Cold World –Unwelcome world with biohazard climate that conducted from nuclear disaster. Radioactivity fatally changed the climate that truly can be described as biohazard winter.

*Sand World –Hot like hell and sandy like dead desert. Biological catastrophe left no flora and fauna, not even a clue of living creature.


  • Great Story Line
  • Variable Plot Twist
  • Building Skills
  • Simplicity In Controls
  • Awesome 3 Worlds
  • Addictive And Joyful
  • Mine Craft Engine
  • Numerous Missions And Tasks


  • License : Free
  • Operational System : Android
  • Category : Action/Adventure/Simulation.
  • Game Title : City Craft 3 TNT Edition
  • Software Requirements : Android 2.3 And Above.
  • Content Rating : Rated For 7+ / Mild Violence
  • Updated : November 11 , 2015
  • Size : 25MB
  • Current Version : 1.1.0


  • Developing Surviving skills
  • Addictive And Joyful
  • Mine Craft Pixel Graphics
  • Easy Controls
  • Variety Of Worlds
  • Numerous Rivals
  • Endless And Limitless World
  • Worth Spending Time.

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