Geometry Dash PC

Geometry Dash is a fun and popular game released in 2013 by RobTop that allows players to soar through thousands of different levels.

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Geometry Dash PC

This game is playable on mobile and PC platforms, providing a unique experience. The game only has one control: pressing. The goal is to avoid
the many obstacles that each level has by utilizing the portals, boosts, and pads in the levels.

Geometry Dash Levels

Each level has a certain theme and difficulty which increases the farther you get. There are also collectable coins in the level that you can use
to purchase items like skins. ls the level too hard for you? Practice certain parts of the level in the practice mode. Each level also has its own
song. Generally. the layout of the track matches up with when you should tap in the level. Frustration is inevitable, especially on certain levels
because of the frequent repetition of levels. There is only a limited amount of RobTop made levels but that is not the end of the game.

Geometry Dash Online

There is a whole Geometry Dash Online sections that keeps the game interesting. In the online menu, you can play levels that other users
have created. This provides a whole new experience because you will always have levels to play. In some cases, the levels made by other
players are as good, if not better than the original levels. You can comment on levels, like them, rate their difficulty, and play more levels made
by the creator of the level. There is even a search option that allows you to look for specific levels. You can filter things like difficulty. popularity.
and level length to find the exact level you are looking for. Let’s take a look at the other side of the levels.

Game Level Creator

Geometry Dash also allows the user to create levels for others to play. In the level editor, you can design the whole layout of your level. There
are no restrictions whatsoever. You can make it as short or as long as you want, put any blocks anywhere, and choose your songs, colors, and
backgrounds. It may seem difficult to make a popular and enjoyable level at first but practice makes perfect. When you become an advances
level maker, you can do things like changing colors mid level, making moving objects, making invisible traps, and adding effects to the player.
However, don’t make your level too hard. You must beat or verify your level before you can publish it.


There is an in game currency that you can get from beating popular levels or opening daily chests. You can buy skins for each mode, colors,
and special effects with the currency. This allows you to customize the character to your preferences. After all, you will be staring at the player
for the majority of the time. The game also has many easter eggs to unlock more characters and new shops with new items.

Overall. Geometry Dash is a great way to pass the time with many different things to do. You can hop on to the level editor and publish a level
that ends up on the featured tab. You can finally beat all of the RobTop levels and even collect all the coins. You can collect all of the skins and
buy out the whole shop. Itis sure to keep you occupied.

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