Ice cream jump

Ice Cream Jump is a game offered by Retro Dreamer and updated in January 14, 2016. The information about Retro Dreamer is discussed more thoroughly above.  The game can be played via Tablets as well as via computers. The game is so adorable and addictive, after beginning playing it, you have a difficulty in stopping playing it. Ice Cream Jump is a pleasant game to play as it has colorful background and the main character is so sweet. The background or style looks like an all-known game Super Mario.  So called Ice Creamjumps platforms over and over and collects coins alongside with trying to dodge the obstacles. The game is introduced to have 5,000,000 – 10,000,000installations. 

Ice cream jump

It is rated 3+ and the size is just 9.0M. What’s more, the current version represents 1.18 and the game requires Android to be 2.3 and up. The game has a suggestion for Valentine’s Day. You can get free hearts by new update as well as several Valentine’s attributes and aspects or accessories are on sale in the store of the game. The game is reviewed by many game lovers and it has a completely positive reviews. According to the vast majority of them, Valentine’s day wallpaper is so cute and amazing. Pink flies, gifts and pink clouds also turn out to be so beautiful that it makes the game very addictive.

Ice cream jump Gameplay

As for the gameplay.The background is very colorful, the files colored green and brown are introduced on the screen. Some of them are moving and some is hanging without moving. Ice Cream Jumps over these files and if it does not jump over the file or dodge it, the game will be over, the ice cream will be dead and you will fail. The main character does not really take after an ice cream. It is a light brown feature with eyes and a mouth smiling and while moving, it looks like a jelly and makes sound at the same time. All those things make the “jelly” extremely cute and adorable. While Jumping some of the files are moving and it gets more complicated when it is moving as it is more difficult not to dodge the file. You should choose the right direction and position to jump the right way all the time. It is not a must to jump file by file but you have an opportunity or possibility to jump some files up at the same time. The key to the game is collecting as many coins as it is possible while jumping up the files. Jumping the files up is not the only way to collect the coins, but keeping jumping button for some time makes it possible to hold the ice cream in the air and collect more coins.Jump by jump, you come across some flying insects or some objects and you have to dodge them to go on moving.  Apart from those mentioned, you also have some rewards or gifts that can be called enhancements as it makes an ice cream advanced or stronger in some ways. For example, an apple makes you less vulnerable and if you bump into an object you will kill it. The further you go, the more difficult it becomes and the quicker the files are moving. So the chances to lose or fail are increasing, that’s why you should be more and more careful while going further and scoring more. In addition, the scores are shown in the middle above on the screen so it is simple for you to follow your scores while playing.

Ice cream jump Retro Dreamer

Retro Dreamer was established by Craig Sharpe who is known for being an artist as well as an illustrator and Gavin Bowman who is famous for being a programmer. The team creates independent games in Los Angeles, California. The little company is working on the shooting kind of a game which is focused on PC/Mac/ Linux from the beginning.The game is called Monsters & Monocles. Any kind of information is on the Website:

Since 2008 the little team has been creating qualified and valuable independent games for ios and Android mobile devices as well as for personal computers. The majority of the games are introduced on the website but you can find all of them by searching it on the app store. The latest games of Retro Dreamer includeduckers which is a running game and adventurous style. The ducks are moving through the mine and collecting the coins. The main character (Ducks) look as if they are digging the ground or the mines to collect the treasure. Retro Dreamer also has its blog where the team members write about everything they consider important and relevant to the style of the games they create or concerning their stuff.

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