Jungle Castle Run

Jungle Castle run is a game offered by Simplified ups and updated in December 10, 2015. The game can be played by android as well as by computer.It’s becoming very popular on the play store with 5 million downloads and it is Top Free aps category. It’s a fast-paced, addictive and dynamic game abundant with a lot of adventure and action. IT’s not difficult to play and hard to give up. Playing Jungle Castle Run is an effective way to take your leisure time.

Jungle Castle Run

IT’s a rhythm-based running game which currently has 100+ levels. Each level features unique, relevant and pleasant background music. A player is required to complete a level to play the next level. The more the level, the more complicated it becomes.You need to overcome diverse obstacles and dangers alongside with collecting as many coins as possible to score the highest points.The player faces lots of castles and you have to solve their mysteryJungle Castle Run is a game reviewed positively by many with 92040 reviews on the play store and considered to be one of the best adventurous games.The popularity of running games with have unlimited levels is increasing and players are searching for a game that is simple and not extraordinary. For example, Temple Run 2 turned out to be a completely successful game, afterwards, Subway Surfers obtained popularity.The games that look very similar lose their popularity and the Jungle Castle run is a new more varied endless game.  Jungle Castle run is a very challenging game. You can defeat your friends by collecting more coins than your friends. The game also does not take a lot of storage. Thesize is only 5.0M. Current version is 1.7. It’s rated for 3+.

Jungle Castle Run Gameplay

The gameplay is like Mario’s, as we know it and the plot or storyline looks like Temple run as you collect the coins and try to avoid bumping the stuff in Temple Run as well as Jungle Castle Run. Jungle Castle run is easy to control (clicking system) “a little boy’s” moves that react when a gamer touches a sensor (or the touchscreen) or clicking mouse depending what the game is played with.The goal of the game is to complete each level by reaching the end of it. However, if the user meets an obstacle and fail, he or she will have no other way but to start over from the scratch. The control is so simple that a gamer does not need to adjust to playing it. The game is very colorful with an exclusive and rhythmic music which promotes or helps the player do the “job” more enthusiastically and addictively. But in case the player dislikes the music or it disturbs someone while playing or just prefer playing without music, it is possible to turn it off or lower the voice. The player is also given an instruction and it can be seen by clicking the question mark on the screen of the game.

Jungle Castle run has three steps so called level packed, such as: Beginning, Evolution and Experience. As for the storyline itself, the main feature, character is a half nude little boy raised in Jungle which meets different and loads of barriers while running.  Apparently, the character takes after a famous and many children’s favorite guy a fictional character and the protagonist of Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book Stories Mowgli or is Mowgli itself. The action takes place in Jungle and Mowgli has to jump over the castles or some obstacles or hills to finish the level and be survivedwhile at the same time collecting coins (Collecting coins can be considered important as the competition among the game users can be only by counting the coins and the number of covered levels.). The quantity of obtained coins are shown on the left of the screen above and the number of level is also on the above so the player is totally informed during playing Jungle Castle Run. If you bump into any objects except trees, you fail. Increasing the number of level, the number of obstacles or objects also increases so the difficulty rises.

When it comes to controlling the moves of Mowgli more thoroughly, only three stunts are possible: Jumping, running forwards and backwards. As you see playing should not be a big deal, just getting thrill from killing your time.Jungle Castle run is a totally new game and as mentioned, its popularity is more and more increasing among the gamers. The installation numbers (10 000 000- 50 000 000) also point out it. Jungle Castle run was created by someone whose inspiration came from the all-known game Mowgli.

The game has two follow-ups: Jungle Castle 2 and Jungle Castle 3. The main character is the same in Jungle Castle 2, but the background, the music and the surroundings are fairly different. The background is in lighter colors. The game is further difficult with more obstacles, abilities and opportunities. Jungle Castle run 2 looks like Mario more than Jungle Castle run. It has almost the same storyline. As for Jungle Castle 3, the players of Jungle Castle run can complain about the big difference, ranging from the character to the background colors are the other.Even the idea of the game (Mowgli in jungle escaping and dodging the obstacles and dangers) is lost. The main feature appears to be something like human or a child, resembling no one. The stunts vary more than in the previous editions.  So the similarity between Jungle Castle run and Jungle castle run 3 looks like the similarity of Jungle Castle run and Mario. Two different games which resemble each other.

So the Jungle Castle run is appropriate game for the players who like adventurous games, such as Temple run, Subway surfer, and etc. and, especially, who take their quality time playing games on mobile devices.

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