Just Drift

Looking for some awesome car rides and drifting challenge? Well this is the game with great experience for drift lovers with full control over vehicle and potential car movements. High quality graphics and variety of sport cars gives a joyful gameplay with lot of innovative modifications. Exploring roads of night city, parking garages and town avenues gives you whole new experience of drifting and racing challenge, It is important to show your best skills to gain more points and experience , the best way to level up as fast as possible is to show your best driving skills, sharp turns and slip curves on track.

Just Drift

Just Drift Gameplay.

The most interesting and valuable part of this game is the full control of the owned vehicle. Tapping phone screen is not an option, you have to take the wheel and control car trajectory to get more curvy drift with higher degree of rotation, pedal control gives you way more option how to slip on track the better way it suits you, getting more points with better control. Avoiding crushes is a valid option while drifting on track, this can lead to point loosing and letting down a combo breaker. Use your driving skills and experience to get more points to unlock new awesome cars and modifications for better car control over steering.

Racing games have always been favored for ages, a perfectly developed and graphically well illustrated drift challenge is really addictive and fun to play. Imagine the possibilities on the roads and the adrenaline you have always wanted to experience in real life. Changing the exterior and interior of the vehicle gives you opportunity to create your own dream car: Body paint, decals, brand new rims, caster tires for more degree of curving while drifting, window tinting, engine modifications, colorful lights and variety of tracks.

Monotonous play is excluded because of so much variety of actual game plot. Unlock new cars for better gameplay, make them look as awesome as you wish, do the best tricks you can even imagine, explore limitless roads and forget about speed limits. Every direction is free to head and do your nice drifting curves, this close to reality car control can even make your drifting skills way much better. Control powerful vehicles specially created for drift race tracks, drive through special tracks and create your own exclusive drifting tricks. Show all your driving skills wheeling a sports car in a virtual game, make some sharp turns and controlled skids. The more various tricks you do on track, the higher will the reward be. Avoid collisions with variety of obstacles not to lose drift points.

Just Drift Features.

  • High quality 3D graphics
  • Full drift and maneuver control
  • 3 Different controls
  • 9 Varied ready to drift cars
  • 4 Drift tracks
  • Training mode
  • Garage
  • Day and night port areas
  • Great car sounds
  • Blow off valve sound FX


  • License: Free
  • Operational System : Android
  • Category: Action/Racing.
  • Game Title : Just Drift    
  • Software Requirements : Android 2.3 And Above.
  • Content Rating : Rated For 3+
  • Updated :October 16 , 2015.
  • Size : 38MB
  • Current Version :


  • Developing Driving And Drifting Skills
  • Addictive And Joyful
  • Easy And Full Control
  • Variety Of Worlds
  • Worth Spending Time.
  • Lots Of Upgrades
  • Tuning
  • Variety Of Cars
  • Different Tracks
  • Best For Race And Drift Stunts.

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