Piano Tiles

Piano Tiles is a mobile game played by one, created on March 28, 2014 by Umoni Studio, in particular by Hu Wen Zeng and updated in July 26, 2016. The game includes three modes, such as: the Arcade mode; the Zen mode; the rush mode; the Arcade+ mode and the Relay mode.

piano tiles

Piano Tiles was the most downloaded game or application as on the iosand on the Android platforms as on the windows phone.It’s a fast-paced, addictive and dynamic gameand its main features are rhythm and speed.It’s not difficult to play but you need to be a quick-thinker and to have a good reaction as the speed is the key to the game. Piano Tiles is rated 3+ and is offered by Clean Master Games. By playing Piano Tiles you can compete with your friends. You have an opportunity to see the scores of your friends and by comparing your and their points, you can improve yours by playing more effectively. Piano Tiles is focused on the young people. The game contains two follow-ups, however, they do not really resemble the original one. The point is that the developer of the second version is not the same company but Cheetah Mobile but still with the assistance of Hu Wen Zeng (the developer of the original game). The second version was becoming more and more popular prior to the release of the third one. It is not surprising that the recent versions of the game look like the original one considering the fact that the last two editions are the continuation of the first one. As usual, the simple games put you off and you disapprove playing as it seems a child’s play for you, however, Piano Tiles is something that makes you addicted to it. The game is among the few mobile applications which you play many times but you are not bored with it.

Piano Tiles Gameplay

Seemingly, the creators have not changed the game a lot, therefore the user of the original one can easily play the next editions.One song is meant to be chosen to play the whole game. Afterwards, Separate columns are shown on the screen. The columns have black and white files and your main goal is to press black files which make sound of the music you had chosen before. You should try to avoid pressing white files and if you do it you will have to start it over because it means fail.The pleasure of playing Piano is the sound stemmed from pressing the black files. The further you go, the quicker the files running and the more difficult it becomes to play. Anytime hitting the right note, the game goes on playing the song you selected and you have to continue pressing the black files and move on up the point you mess up. After completing the song, you rewarded with a bonus stage. The game can be played via mouse and in case of having smartphones, it can be played via tablets through Android or ios. Piano Tiles is easy to control as it has simple playing rules but playing is not quite easy. The more you play, the more tired your fingers are. The pro is that the prop-ups or ads do not disturb the player during the game.

As for the design, the follow-ups have been highly improved or developed, if the original one has a simple look without any extraordinary or special style, the sequel versions are totally improved. It does not look very different,however, the visuals of the follow-ups turn out to be miles better than the original’s.

Piano Tiles modes:

  • Classic mode

Set number of tiles is given that you have to press to play as longer as possible. The player is supposed to touch the notes as fast as possible to win. Time is also a significant aspect of the game, as the longer you play, the shorter the time is to finish each section.

  • Arcade Mode

The tiles move automatically and a user has to keep up its growing pace. The game lasts until you press the white button or unless you fail.

  • Zen Mode

There is a set time limit and the player should do his best to touch as many tiles as it is possible before time runs out.

  • Rush Mode

Similar to Arcade Mode, the screen moves itself without the help of the player or automatically and the scroll speed gradually increases and the user has to tap tiles in an increasing pace.

  • Relay Mode

It is similar to Zen Mode, however, time limit is reset by pressing notes. If the player cannot tap fifty notes before time is up, the game ends and you, without doubt, fail. The screen or the so called piano moves at the player’s pace in the same way as classic and zen mode.

  • Arcade + Mode

All tiles move the same as in Arcade mode with added extras.
• Bomb – Every so often a tile with a white face appear. If tapped the game ends.
• Lightning – Every so often there is a flash of lightning.
• Double – Every so often 2 tiles will appear next to each other.
• Billayer – Every so often a tile with 2 horizontal white lines will appear. This tile must be tapped twice.
• Mist – Every so often a mist will appear over the tiles.
• Unstable – The speed of the tiles changes often.
• Rotatory – Every so often the game will reverse and then change back again.
• Shaky – Every so often the game will shake.
• Cloudy – A row of cloud goes in front of you.
• Shift – Every so often a tile will move along the row.
• Change – Every so often a tile will change places.

The follow-ups have been advanced in many ways such as sound quality, design (in the last versions), but the point is that the last or sequel versions lack some features which were included in the original one.

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