Speed Racing Ultimate 3

Addicting features packed racing game for all the racing lovers.Speed Racing Ultimate 3 have got all what it needs to be a top class game. This racing game tends to be the most challenging plot owned fun game with perfect experience and awesome design for players. Driving cars on ultra speed along various tracks with lot of obstacles.

Speed Racing Ultimate 3

Take part in an unique race against rivals on different levels of difficulty. Improve your driving skills in the early part of game, participating in training mode and unlock new routines. Getting rewards depends on how hard you try to oppose your rivals, that are stronger then you. Try to get more powerful cars to challenge harder opponents, mode them and improve featuresto defeat them in an easy way on tracks. The Game actually reminds of a well known racing engine Need For Speed and Asphalt as well, but arcade mode of this game makes it much more fun to play. Because of the viral collisions you will not be dropped and partly left behind in the race, this makes the game more entertaining, but other mistakes will not be forgiven from opponents. Winning races and challenging opponents gives you funds to get better vehicles or even personalize the ones you already have. Thou this game is not on the same level as Gameloft’sAsphalt games but it gives you solid entertaining experience in racing games.

Speed Racing Ultimate 3 Gameplay.

The game is unique with its different game modes

  • Career – World racing championship, greatest challenge among drivers
  • Discover – Getting acquainted with educative options of game
  • Challenge – Competing with drives in better driving skills and car handling
  • Time Attack – Best lap time improvement with the help of your ghost car
  • Fight – Limitless challenge between skilled opponents
  • Gymkhana – Unusual tracks with kickers and slopes for learning looping, drifting, steering and simply doing awesome tricks and flips

The game counts over twenty unique tracks with different features and barriers. More than sixty different challenges and missions. Save funds to purchase better muscle cars for more ultra speed and better steering. “Tuto” Mode give you possibility to master your skills to fulfill the final destiny of the track dominator. The options menu gives u way more possibilities to run the game in the way it’s suitable for you:

  • Set the Accelerometer’s Sensitivity.
  • Select the Difficulty Level: “Beginner”, “Expert” or “Pilot”.
  • Select the Camera: “Outside” or “Inside”.
  • Enable or Disable Music.
  • Set the Graphic Quality.

In each and every game mode race Lap time is recorded, In carrier mode you can share your best score on the internet and see own ranking all over the world. This helps you understand how well you are catching up with pros all over the world ranking system.

Speed Racing Ultimate 3 Game Features

  • Driving dream cars
  • Accelerating on insane speed
  • Six unique game modes
  • More than sixty missions
  • Ultra 3D real time rendering
  • High quality 3D graphics with perfect visual
  • Most joyful race experience
  • Incredible arcade physics
  • Spectacular SFX
  • Save as much money and Power go up
  • Customize your Racing Car
  • Training mode
  • Realistic sound environment
  • Music by “REVENGE”
  • Boost Bonus
  • Select the difficulty level
  • Select the accelerometer sensibility
  • Select the Camera: Inside or Outside
  • Upload your Score and enter in the World Ranking


  • License: Free
  • Operational System : Android
  • Category: Action/Racing
  • Game Title : Speed Racing Ultimate Free
  • Software Requirements : Android 2.3 And Above
  • Content Rating : Rated for 12+Moderate Violence
  • Update rate : December 22, 2015
  • Size : 49M
  • Current Version : 2.0
    244B, Allée du RIOU
    83600 FREJUS
  • Interactive Elements : Digital Purchases

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