Teeter pro

Teeter pro is an arcade game. It was released in 2013.The gameis sold by LV QING CHUN Company and published and developed by Thesurix Company. This is the classic gravity-based game, which is also based on strategy and good luck. It game currently has a hundred (100) level. During playing those 100 levels of game the player will see unique types of labyrinth that is very exciting and attractive. The player is required to complete a level to advance to the next. Difficulty level increases on each higher level and player must find the way in harder and longer labyrinth.

Teeter pro

Teeter Pro is developed step by step. At first, version 1.2.2has bug fixes. 1.2.3. Version is more diverse, ten more levels are added in the game. The next version is 1.2.4 that is more sophisticated. The game added Full screen mode and removed unused libs. In the 1.2.6 version is added 20 levels and the last version updated on 24th January, 2016 (1.3.0.) attempt to fix missing resource bug. The last update of the game was in 24 January, 2016 year.

Teeter pro Gameplay

Teeter pro uses a simple tapping system. A player only needs to click on the screen on any place to begin the game and ball start moving. After that only way to win the game is that move phone to the correct direction that ball move on a free path and avoid the black holes. If the ball falls into a pit than the game over and player needs to restart the level. In the game we have not extra life to continue playing level. If a player can avoid all black holes that he/she needs to find a hole with green spot and must throw the ball in it. That means that level is won and we can continue on next level.

However, if the ball will fall into a pit, the game will have to start over from beginning.All levels are unlock from start, so they can be played out of order. Along the way, the player can fall the ball into a hole in each official level, which are everywhere in the areas.The pits are all direction on the table. It can be 3,4,5 or 6 pieces and so on. It depends on difficulty of the level. The game is a single player.

The feature of the game is that it has no life limitations. If you throw ball into a pit then you replay the level but you don’t replay whole game from the first level. That feature is a bit pros because it is quite difficult to manage the ball and if you lose the game you will just replay the level.

Teeter pro is very exciting game that attracts player and causes excitement in a person because of more and more interesting levels, but the difference between levels are only the size of labyrinth and numbers of pits that may make a player bored. The game has no time limitations, so that players can play the game as long as they want.

Teeter pro levels

Teeter pro game features official a hundred (100) levels. The levels are divided by 1 pieces. Each piece includes 10 levels, for example 1-10, 11-20 etc. A player can con start playing directly from 11 level because each level opens after previous one is completed. Every each level has new barriers that player must overcome to win the game. There is no hidden thing, every difficulties is on screen. This difficulties is a black hole, in which the ball must not fall and also wooden partition, which is categorized by randomization and the game getting more difficult to go to the final point. The game does not use difficulty modes such as easy, hard etc. Also it does not have specific achievements like some prizes or high scores. The only achievement is to put the ball in a pit with green light and reward is that next level opens.

Development and Release

Teeter pro is the property and trademark from the developer thesurix, all rights reserved by thesurix Company. This game was created in 2013 and still is evolving. This game was designed for Android phones. Also the game is free version. Everyone can download it in her/his phone and just play.

The first version of game contained only 70 levels, which were very simple. Gradually, the makers of the game improve the game and showed perfect form.

Update – 1.2.2 – added bug fixes

Update – 1.2.3 – added 10 new levels

Update – 1.2.4 –added full screen mode and also removed unused libs

Update – 1.2.6 – added 20 new levels

And final update – 1.3.0 – attempt to fix missing resource bug.

If we check the game downloads in Google play, currently it has about 50,000,000 downloads that means that game is quite popular among mobile game players.

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